The trip to the landing beaches takes us along the scenic coast with a first stop at Cap-Griz-Nez. This coastline is called the Opaque Coast. From there we continue to the landing beaches. Next stop is the American Cemetery at Coleville sur Mer.

We can stop the journey here at a nearby hotel or I can drive you up to Paris

or last but not least you can come back with me to have another look at Bruges


  • American cemetery
    American cemetery
    overlooking the beaches where so many brave lost their lives, it's an impressive and very moving site
  • Memorial at the American Cemetery
    Memorial at the American Cemetery
  • Omaha Beach
    Omaha Beach
    The site to remember the American invasion of France in WWII
  • Omaha Beach
    Omaha Beach
    together with Utah beach one of the main landing beaches of Normandy
  • Cap Griz Nez
    Cap Griz Nez
    This is the point of France located closest to the UK. When the weather is clear you can see the white Cliffs of Dover.

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